braided ropes for shade sail
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  • braided ropes for shade sail

Set of 2 braided ropes Ø 10 mm - 5.00 m

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Set of 2 braided ropes is ideal for hanging your shade sail!



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A firmly held shade sail!

To enjoy a shady spot on sunny days, it is essential to properly secure your shade sail. In windy regions, gusts can cause significant damage if the sail is not firmly held. This is why the set of 2 braided polypropylene ropes is the ideal accessory for hanging your shade sail in complete safety, whether on the ground, on a wall, or on a tree.

These braided ropes offer great strength and durability to effectively secure your triangular, rectangular or square shade sail. It is important to follow certain precautions to keep your shade sail in good condition. In case of strong wind or storm, it is recommended to dismantle your shade sail. In the event of rain, make sure that the water can drain off easily and do not stretch the fabric to the maximum.

It is also important to avoid fires below and near the shade sail to avoid any risk of fire. To clean your shade sail, use a soft cloth and a damp sponge. In winter, store your shade sail in its storage bag and in a dry, clean and ventilated place to ensure its durability.

In short, with the set of 2 braided polypropylene ropes, you can be sure that your shade sail will be firmly fixed and that you will be able to enjoy pleasant and shady moments during sunny days.


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