Stainless steel eyelet for shade sail
  • Stainless steel eyelet for shade sail

Stainless steel eyelet for shade sail Ø 8 mm

VAT included

If you have a shade sail. Fix it firmly thanks to the trigger guard!



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Stainless Steel Eyelet For Shade Sail

If you are the proud owner of a shade sail, you probably know how important it is to install it securely so that it can withstand the elements. This is where the stainless steel trigger guard comes into play!

Thanks to its 4 perforations and its diamond shape, this saddle will allow you to firmly hang the ropes or hooks of your shade sail. And with its resistance to wear and the elements, it can be used all year round, whether indoors or outdoors.

To install your shade sail, there are several options: you can attach it to a metal mounting pole, on a wall or hard ground, on the overhang of your roof, or even in a tree. Whatever your method, be sure to use strong bindings and secure the sail tight enough that it won't come loose in the slightest gust of wind.


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