• silver chain with large links

Large link by the meter for chain curtain


(€10.00 Mètre)

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Chain by the meter with large link (34 links in 1 meter). Ideal for making a staggered chain curtain.

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Large links for staggered chain curtains - Maillon Création

Give your interior a touch of originality with our large links for staggered chain curtains. Easy to assemble and install, our chain links allow you to create your own staggered chain-link curtain to protect your home from insects while adding a decorative touch.

Available for sale by the metre, our top quality links are strong and durable to ensure you have a chain-link curtain that lasts over time. Whether you want to dress a door, a window or create a space divider, our staggered chain link curtain links offer you many possibilities to personalize your interior.

Order our large links for staggered chain curtains now on Maillon Création and take advantage of fast delivery and our customer service. Contact us at: 04 68 82 20 04


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