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What do you think is the best solution to prevent flies and mosquitoes from entering your home during the summer?

In this article, we give you our opinion.

We are going to talk about some ways not to let flies and mosquitoes in during the summer. Door curtains are the best solution, much better than fighting flying insects by buying expensive chemicals, the effectiveness of which remains to be tested. And in addition to fighting flies and mosquitoes, you already know that with door curtains, you will always have your house decorated as desired.

This is what happens in the summer; Flies and mosquitoes proliferate much more. It is not that they are not among us during the winter, but it is that with the heat that undergoes the summer, they penetrate more to us. Windows and doors stay open longer and therefore the logical thing is that they enter the house.

Many people use insecticides to prevent mosquitoes and flies from entering ... This is an option ... But the truth is that we are talking about chemicals and although many of them have a pleasant smell and do not bother, you should never forget that these are artificial products.

Of course, the best solution to keep flies and mosquitoes out is door curtains. They form a real barrier against these insects. In addition, you can place them all year round at your door or window.

We are much more in favor of the door curtain solution to prevent the entry of insects, than those of insecticides. Those who stand on top of a piece of furniture and who every few minutes "vaporize" us with their gas or liquid as chemical as ineffective.

For the front doors of the house, especially if you are in a country house, it is advisable to buy a "Serenity" door curtain in chain, or also called mosquito door curtain. They are very easy to place and fulfill their mission perfectly.

It is also possible that in this type of house, you want to opt for handmade curtains. You know, these are the ones you can do yourself. You can make them with any material: pearls, stones ... even with pasta for cooking. The truth is that there are handmade curtains that are true works of art. Of course, to do them, you have to have a lot of time, a lot of patience and dexterity.

Serenity aluminum chain curtains are a real barrier, they are very useful in not letting insects pass. We just want to advise you to be careful with all types of so-called insect repellent curtains. Whether it's some bamboo, pearl or even plastic curtains ... The truth is that some curtains do not guarantee one hundred percent that you will not have insects at home during the summer. There are certain criteria to take into account.

Door curtains, which you have in your home throughout the year, are also responsible for ensuring that you do not have "bad visits" during the summer. In addition, you will always have the decoration you have chosen in your home. You know, in addition to avoiding flying insects, you also avoid some annoying looks from a prying neighbor.

In addition, you will continue to regulate the entry of light and air into your rooms, as you wish, for a good environment. You will no longer need to search for the latest "miracle inventions" that claim to guarantee that flies and mosquitoes will no longer enter your home.

And now a question: how to fight against the entry of flies and mosquitoes in your house during the summer? Are curtains your allies? Tell us in the comments.

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