The elegance of the pearl curtain ...

Pearl curtains can give a casual, elegant or themed touch to any space in your home. Choose the colors and materials taking into account the tones of the room where you are going to place it, let your house guide you. Use a bead curtain to decorate your home and give it a personal and decorative touch.

Considerations you should keep in mind:

Pearl curtains are beautiful and decorative, although there are both advantages and disadvantages when using them in your passage areas.

The Benefits of Pearl Curtains

 Covers storage areas or cupboards,

 Separate the rooms to create a warm atmosphere,

Create a thematic space in a room,

Decorate and personalize a room.

rideau en perles

Create Feng shui in the room by replacing the door with the pearl curtain because it lets light and air through. It gives light to a dull environment, thanks to the reflections of the pearls.

       2. Disadvantages

This can be annoying if you place it at an entrance that faces outside, in a high traffic area.

It is not advised with pets: cats can find it irresistible and break it while playing with it.

It is not safe for young children, like any hanging object.

The pearl curtain according to your decorative style

Although beaded curtains complement many types of decor, they do not work with all decorative styles. We tell you with what style it will be a success.

Bohemian style:

Almost any material can be combined with this “free spirit” style, but betting on color is a success. Curtains made of rainbow pearls or wooden pearls, whether or not colored. The whole will complement a bohemian style that welcomes unconventional looks, wild patterns and creative combinations. Curtains with tassels are also a good option.

rideau séparation de pièce

  • Retro style:
  • Any room decorated in a retro style, with influences from the 60s or 70s, is perfect for a bead curtain. Curtains made of natural materials were very common, such as wood, bamboo and seashells. Cotton fiber curtains were also very popular, as were those with beads of different psychedelic shapes in orange, green, red or blue tones.

rideau de perles

  • Modern Style:
  • Characterized by clean lines and bright surfaces, the modern style allows you to choose shiny or metallic pearls. Choose circular, square, drop or olive shapes that give an interesting effect like rain, or choose a metal chain curtain for an industrial touch.

rideau en chaine métallique

  • Oriental style:
  • The pearl curtains perfectly match this style; in fact they are from Asia. Bamboo is the material par excellence for curtains, in which Asian motifs are often painted by hand.
  • Tropical style:
  • Use bead curtains made from natural materials, such as wood, bamboo or seashells, to decorate a tropical-inspired room.

rideau de porte en bambou