Feeling helpless and not sure how to go about returning your order? Nothing's easier !

What is the reason for your return?

      ° I have changed my mind, I no longer want my product (withdrawal)

      ° I received a defective / broken product

      ° I received a non-compliant order

      ° I received an incomplete order

      ° Do you want to claim the warranty?

Need help clarifying all these terms?

      ° Retraction (change of mind): you have changed your mind after receiving your product and wish to send it back to the merchant.

      ° Defective / broken: your product has a defect visible to the naked eye and observable upon delivery

      ° Non-compliant: the product delivered does not correspond to the product presented on our site (differences in technical characteristics, colors, operation).

      ° Incomplete: one or more parts of your product and/or a product are missing from your order.

      ° Guarantee: a problem that occurs within 2 years after delivery during the normal use of your product can be covered.