Warm room divider curtain

Have you tried hanging rope or corn curtains? They are elegant and very natural.

They provide an air of sophistication and warmth to the environment of your space. They will become the protagonists of the play. They have clearly identifiable characteristics. Their rustic style aims to combine a traditional and relaxed atmosphere, in perfect harmony with nature.

The typical colors of rope or corn curtains are warm and neutral, like sand, stone, earth ... Neutral tones help soften the aesthetics of the room. To avoid this feeling of over-saturation of the elements, The color of the curtains can be combined with the color of the furniture and walls, to obtain a symbiosis of all the elements of the living room.

The right combination with natural curtains:

If the room is neutral in color, we can opt for curtains in green and red tones, to give contrast and life to the decoration. The elements in wood, stone and natural fibers are the real essentials in terms of materials.

The rustic style tries to connect with the taste of the old and with the memory of past experiences. We have to make our interior door curtains tell the story just by looking at them. They play an important role in the rest of the decoration.

They bring lightness and vitality to the room. They are generally transparent, but not entirely. This causes them to let sunlight enter their fibers. In this way, the room will benefit from brightness and a good temperature. From the inside you can see the outside, ideal when we have a nice view from the house.

The current trend is to combine the old with the new but it is common to make the mistake of overloading the room: finding the balance between the furniture and the curtains will give us the key to avoid committing this usual failure.

You can complement the country style with soft blankets and cushions. The cushions and blankets will give comfort and warmth to the sofa and make the stay more comfortable. Create a room with history and personality. With traditional and natural touches. Thus, your interior transports you to the heart of nature without having to move from the room.

Question: do you have string curtains or corn curtains in your living room? How did you combine them? Leave us your comments. We will be happy to read your ideas on a rustic decoration.