Room separation curtain


"Mister T" restaurant equipped with our aluminum chain curtains

rideau de séparation du restaurant le Mr.T à Paris

Mr. T is THE trendy and gourmet restaurant in the Marais in Paris. "Mr. T" seduces our taste buds with high-end dishes, he is one of those addresses that show you the kitchen from another angle, to the point of making you fall in love with certain flavors again thanks to both gastronomic, refined and creative.

Maillon Création curtains in vogue in Paris

To welcome gourmets, the three partners: Enguerrand, Guillaume and chef Tsuyoshi alias Mr. T, for the decoration, relied on our Prestige curtains in golden aluminum chains that are welcoming, chic, light and airy. Thus, by crossing the curtain, the room appears and then disappears with each pass.

Rideau séparateur du Mr.T restaurant à Paris

In short, you will understand, Mr. T has managed to surprise and seduce thanks to his friendliness, his creativity and his dishes to die for. So, a very simple advice: run for it!

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