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Furniture curtain: the assets for a successful decor!


A curtain to hide a closet or dressing room

Some areas of a house or apartment are so small that it is difficult to close them with a door. If you have little space to open even sliding doors, the Prestige curtain made of aluminum chains is an ideal solution.

The advantages are:

  • Tailored,
  • Aesthetic,
  • Optimizes the available space,
  • Easy to install,
  • Economic,
  • Do not fear humidity

Prestige curtains allow you to camouflage often untidy spaces in the most beautiful way.

When finally the decoration of our house is perfect and it is a joy to contemplate it, what we least want is to see unsightly elements. They break all the charm and style. It is therefore worth concealing them. I am talking about hiding objects that lack grace but are nevertheless essential to our daily lives.

Rest assured, we all have a place where we store these famous objects that we will store later.

As in all houses, we want to camouflage these little corners aesthetically in which we do not maintain perfect order.

rideau pour placard

For this reason, we offer you this beautiful and good idea; The use of Prestige curtains to hide these small everyday spaces in a practical, elegant, modern and very pleasant way.

Your "little mess" becomes decoration! This will also allow you to optimize the space available for storing the robot, vacuum cleaner, ironing board, etc.

Also for those who keep everything under the bathroom sink!

The Prestige curtain, an excellent idea, very easy to install. You just need a curtain of the right size and then place it under your sink. You will have a beautiful colorful ornament in your bathroom, as well as a practical storage space.

rideau devant dressing

Thanks to Prestige curtains, you no longer need space to open the doors of your storage.

This concept can be adapted not only to the kitchen, the bathroom, but also to the laundry room and even to your bedroom. It is a great solution, inexpensive and easy to install.

Opt for a daily life that is as practical as it is aesthetic!

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