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The shower room plays the decor with the shower curtain


They have the charm and glamor of suites in a luxury hotel, but with the comfort that only your home can offer. Today, they are a classic of modern houses, where the distribution of spaces focuses on the elimination of partitions and the design of environments connected to each other, both for decoration and for their function.

I want a bathroom in the bedroom!When decorating the bathroom in a master suite

All this current is the consequence of the main role that the bathroom has acquired for several years. If it was hiding from visitors, it is now shown and decorated as the important room it is. A craze closely linked to the care of the body (and the mind) and the unsurpassed properties of a bathtub and its "moment of infusion" (relaxing and sensory) or of a shower with aerator with rain effect and jets of massage, perfect for dealing with stress and pampering yourself at the same time.

When decorating the bathroom in a master suite, you need to pay attention to several details. From the style of the tiles to the right selection of accessories, including beautiful curtains.

An essential element of the bathroom, the shower curtain becomes original and design.

Plain, ultra colored or patterned, it dresses the bathroom in the blink of an eye. Used to preserve privacy and prevent water from splashing out in the rest of the bathroom, Prestige shower curtains in anodized aluminum are made with a finish that is more resistant to moisture and friction , while retaining its original good appearance. They have a more rigid fall and are more pleasant to the touch. Without forgetting that this solution allows natural light (many of them do not have a window) to reach every corner and the winter sun to give you good morning, while you immerse yourself among the colored salts.

Glamorous shower curtain

This is a very good decor idea in a bathroom! Here, the Prestige curtain "brown aluminum chain" replaces the traditional shower curtain in the master bedroom.

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